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A religious inspiration

Mohamad Al Sheikh Suliman is a very proud Muslim. He tries to incorporate as many habits from the Prophet Muhammad biography as he can, into his life. Breeding calves has a much deeper root in his heart and acquiring such a passion came somewhat  simultaneously. 

Calves in Islam 

Calves have had their share of mentions in the Quran. In the twentieth Surah of Quran, Ta-Ha, Moses was informed about Al Samiri and how he had led his people astray: 

They said, ‘We did not fail our tryst with you of our own accord, but we were laden with the weight of the people’s ornaments, and we cast them [into the fire] and so did the Samiri throw.’ Then he produced for them a calf —a [lifeless] body with a low— and they said, This is your god and the god of Musa (Moses), so he forgot! Did they not see that it did not answer them, nor could it bring them any benefit or harm? Haroun (Aaron) had certainly told them earlier, ‘O my people! You are only being tested by it. Indeed your Lord is the All-beneficent. So follow me and obey my command!’

[Moses] said, “And what is your case, O Samiri?” He said, “I saw what they did not see, so I took a handful [of dust] from the track of the messenger and threw it, thus did my soul entice me.” [Moses] said, “Then go. And indeed, it is [decreed] for you in [this] life to say, 'No contact.’ And indeed, you have an appointment [in the Hereafter] you will not fail to keep. And look at your 'god’ to which you remained devoted. We will surely burn it and blow it [i.e., its ashes] into the sea with a blast. [Quran 20:95]


The prophet Moses

Back in the days, in the time of Moses, peace be upon him, and the Israelites, after Allah SWT saved them from Pharaoh and drowned him, and why they were on their way back to Palestine, they saw people devoted to worshiping a calf instead of Allah SWT. The Israelites then said to their Prophet Moses, “Make us a god like him” He replied “You are ignorant people. Allah saved you from Pharaoh, yet you ask for another god other than Allah SWT. He then warned them from worshiping but Allah SWT.

When the promised day came, Allah promised Moses that he would speak to him and teach him.

And before Moses, peace be upon him, left, he commanded his brother Aaron to preach to them, then he went to speak to Allah for thirty days, which became forty days, and Aaron stayed with the Israelites.

When a man called "Al Samiri" came, he pretended to have faith, but his heart was not a believer. He tried to lead the Israelites astray. He took the gold that the Israelites had taken before leaving Egypt and made it into the form of a calf and told them it was their God.

When Moses learned about Al Samiri's intentions, he left in a hurry to try to get back to his people. He confronted Al Samiri, and the latter confessed what he did to the Israelites.

Moses ruled that he shall not touch anyone and no one shall touch him, and his punishment is with his Lord. Moses then took the calf and melted it, ground it into a powder, then scattered it in the sea.

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