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Mohammad Sheikh Suliman

Palestinian Businessman and Philanthropist

First an idea, then a passion, now a profitable economic entity.

According to Mohamad Al Sheikh Suliman, calf rearing is one of the most successful projects that generates a high profit, when done correctly and scientifically. According to Al Sheikh, there are certain conditions which must be present in the environment that would be used to rear the calves in order to maximize the calf’s weight and therefore, maximize profit. This is called fattening. 

Business Pioneer Mohammad Al Sheikh Suliman

Mohammad Sheikh Suliman Palestinian Businessman and Philanthropist, Mohamad Al Sheikh Suliman, was born in Nazareth, Palestine and is currently based in Istanbul.

Mohammad Sheikh Suliman ventured in a wide variety of businesses, including Online trading,

Real Estate, even medicine, however, one his largest businesses is meat production.

Al Sheikh, like many international meat producers, chose Uruguay for breeding cattles.

A journey of passion.

Mohammad Sheikh Suliman’s main businesses consisted of Real Estate, International Online Stock Trading, and many other projects until he decided to venture into animal husbandry. For him, this new journey quickly became a real passion as there are several reasons that led him to dive into this new niche.

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The farm haven

Uruguay is globally known as one of the main meat-producing countries in the world. It has a mild climate, large fertile farm lands and several rivers and streams. It also has high-quality standards along with strict animal welfare legislation All these factors combined together result in high-quality delicious meat.

Uruguay produces about 600 thousand tons of beef per year 75% of which is exported to over 100 countries.

Mohammad Al Sheikh's meat production

The farm used by Mohammad Sheikh Suliman sits on about 700000 square meters (about 173 Acres) and holds about 14000 cattle.

The main cattle breed is a special cross between two of the most widely known breeds of cattle which are Brahman females and Angus males. This cross breed is referred to as F1. Each cattle can reach a weight between 250kg and 300kg.

The cattle are kept in the farm in Uruguay until ready, then shipped to Turkey by sea. The trip takes about 21 days. During this period, a special crew keeps monitoring the cattle regularly ensuring they're all healthy and fed.


Mohammad's meat business in Turkey

Mohamad Al Sheikh currently controls about 90% of the livestock market in Turkey.

Mohammad Sheikh Suleiman from the world of trading to breeding calves, and his ambition to modernize animal husbandry.

A journey of passion.. Agriculture and Cattle rearing for Mohammad Sheikh Suliman is a real passion. Calves are considered to be a crucial tributary of the economy. The Prophet’s biography has inspired Mohammad and motivated him to undertake Cattle rearing as a business and he is constantly seeking and striving to modernize this niche. 

Mohammad Al Sheikh Suliman’s main businesses consisted of Real Estate and Online Stock Trading until he decided to venture into animal husbandry. 

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